Our showroom's hours change throughout the year, depending on the season.
Check our website or call for up to date times.
We are located at 628 West Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226
Winter Showroom Hours: Saturdays 10-2

What are your showroom hours?

Do you provide estimates?

Yes!  We offer free quotes.  Call our sales team today.
​         sales@brownsawnings.com

I signed up for awning service.  When should I expect my awnings to be hung/taken down?

Our service crew operates by a 15-day rule to account for scheduling and weather.  In the fall, your awnings will be serviced within 15 days after the date you provide.  In the spring, it's 15 days before the date you choose.  To help with scheduling we also recommend you join our automatic list, which will lock you into the same dates each season.  Please call our email us with any of your schedule questions.

How do I clean my awnings?

For acrylic fabrics please refer to the Sunbrella website for specific instructions.  For more soiled awnings, we offer a professional cleaning service.  Call or email us for a cleaning quote today!  
​         609-938-2350   
​         brownsawningservices@gmail.com

Where do I mail my payment to?

For new awnings and recovers please mail payments to:
628 West Ave 
Ocean City, NJ 08226 

For seasonal service, repairs & cleaning please mail payments to:
P.O. Box 1736
​Ocean City, NJ 08226

Our awnings are made to weather most storms.  For emergency service we operate on a first-call, first-served basis, with focus on customers with canopies, as they are more at risk of being damaged than porch awnings that can retract.  If you have window or porch awnings, you can pull them up out of high winds.  If your retracted awnings are not protected by a roof or soffit, make sure to add addtional ties along the body of the awning to keep them from filling with water.  Call us with any questions!
​         609-938-2350   

What should I do with awnings if a storm is coming?